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Parts Washers

Cleaning Table BIO.X C500

For Small Parts

Cleaning table for solvent-free parts cleaning
Equipped with a flexible articulated hose with a flat nozzle, and a cleaning brush
Manufactured from polyethylene, with a double skinned tank
Heat ensures excellent cleaning performance and a user friendly operating temperature
Designed for use with the solvent-free cleaning fluid bio.x

Mobile Parts/Brakes Washer

For Small Parts & Brakes

Unique design, large sink size, mobility and amazing features
Includes an extra long angled brush/hose
Customized dolly with a footstep
Designed to work synergistically with OzzyJuice
Eliminates the expense and liability of hazardous waste removal

Pressure Cleaners

HDS 1000 DE

Electric start
Top fired burner with turbo fan to increase combustion air pressure
Low engine oil cut-out, low water cut-out, low heatingoil cut-out functions
9 HP Yanmar Diesel Engine
30 litre burner fuel tank

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