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More Mobile Systems

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20 ft ISO/CSC Certified containers w/lifting eyelets deployable by plane, truck, ship & train.

Variations include
Deployable Munitions Storage
Modular Equipment Storage
Communication Suite
PLL Storage
Armament Shop


Tell us what you need and we‘ll design it



Maintenance Shop

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Walls & ceiling are insulated and paneled with non-flammable material, Climate control unit, 110v/220v/400v outlets, overhead lighting, circuit breaker box, outside junction box for external power source, separate sound-proofed generator room.

Generator Room

7 kw  Diesel Generator to operate container in absence of external power source

Reciprocating Compressor, single stage, 10 bar, sound enclosure & electronic condensate

Climate Control Unit with remote control, heating, cooling & dehumidifier

Modular Equipment Storage Container

20 ft ISO Certified Container, Has structural interior for pre design equipment.  Load bearing struts holds 600KG per strut. Adjustable racks for easy position of equipment. Can be loaded on a PLS or Air or freight lifted.

Communications Suite Container

20 ft ISO Certifed Security Container; deployable by PLS, ship & train, walls are insulated and panelled with non-flammable material, 220v & 110v outlets, overhead lighting, circuit breaker box, outside junction box for external power source

Standard Equipment includes; TQC 10KW generator, skids for retracting the generator for services, climate controll A/C unit w/heater, dividing wall  seperates TQC 10KW generator and A/C Unit from work area, 3ea  Folding tables mounted on the walls w/chairs

Intrusion Detection System includes; two movement sensors mounted inside, security cameras on the front and back with a color monitor, four digit code & key pad swipe for entry, warning lights & alarms mounted outside (front & back), back up battery system with 450 hours capability with solar panel for extended time

Diesel Powered 10kw (TQG) generator
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